maxrousseau / pfla

This python package was written to conduct automated facial analyses of patients affected by Osteogenesis Imperfecta and controls under the BBDC 7701 study. Its use may also be extended to the...

boyanangelov / sdmbench

sdmbench is an R package that provides tools for benchmarking species distribution models.

palash1992 / GEM

GEM is a Python package which offers a general framework for graph embedding methods. It implements many state-of-the-art embedding techniques and is formatted such that new methods can be easily...

hamedmx / YAD-ILP-Tool

This is a learning-based tool using inductive logic programming (ILP) in order to produce valid and appropriate general logical rules with respect to the background knowledge of a data-set.

GrainSizeTools is a script for the analysis of grain size data obtained from different sources of 2D image acquisition (optical microscopy, SEM-EBSD) and image analysis.

sdtaylor / pyPhenology

A package for building, evaluating, and making predictions using process based plant phenology models.

dghoshal-lbl / madats

MaDaTS is an integrated data management and workflow execution framework on multi-tiered storage systems. It is developed in Python, but can be used to execute workflows written in other languages....

equib / proEQUIB

proEQUIB is an IDL library for determining physical conditions and chemical abundances from collisionally excited lines and optical recombination lines, and estimating interstellar extinctions from...

cole-brokamp / DeGAUSS

DeGAUSS is a standalone, container-based application that can produce geocodes and derive community and environmental exposures while maintaining the confidentiality of private health information...

pdwaggoner / hhi

The hhi package allows for simple calculation and visualization of Herfindahl-Hirschman Index scores. The paper is in the "paper" folder within the "hhi" repository.