mattgolub / fixed-point-finder

FixedPointFinder is an open-source Tensorflow toolbox for finding fixed points and linearized dynamics in arbitrary recurrent neural network architectures.

malmaud / TensorFlow.jl

The most popular Julia front end to TensorFlow, utilizing Julia's unique dispatch and metaprogramming features to be more than a simple wrapper over a C library.

arives / rr2

The rr2 package provides methods to calculate three different R2s -- R2.lik, R2.resid and R2.pred -- for models with correlated errors, including Phylogenetic GLS, Phylogenetic Logistic Regression,...

vc1492a / PyNomaly

PyNomaly is a Python 3 implementation of LoOP (Local Outlier Probabilities). LoOP is a local density based outlier detection method by Kriegel, Kröger, Schubert, and Zimek which provides outlier...

nlgranger / SeqTools

SeqTools is a library to easily design and execute the pre-processing steps in Data-Science. With transparent on-demand execution, it facilitates the design of a transformation pipeline and helps...

davidnsousa / mcsd

MCSD is a simple and free open-source MATLAB/Octave tool designed to simulate diffusion processes in complex environments such as biological tissues.

hippylib / hippylib

hIPPYlib implements state-of-the-art scalable algorithms for PDE-based deterministic and Bayesian inverse problems governed by partial differential equation (PDE) forward problems. The key property...

terrytangyuan / dml

Distance metric is widely used in the machine learning literature. We used to choose a distance metric according to a priori (e.g. Euclidean Distance , L1 Distance, etc.) or according to the result...

ornlneutronimaging / braggedgemodeling

Provides tools for calculating neutron Bragg Edge imaging spectrum

qiime2 / q2-sample-classifier

q2-sample-classifier is a plugin for the QIIME 2 microbiome bioinformatics platform that facilitates access, reproducibility, and interpretation of supervised learning (SL) methods for a broad...