sbogutzky / PsychoPhysioCollector

The PsychoPhysioCollector is an App for Android OS to collect physiological, kinematical data by internal and external sensors and subjective data by questionnaires

sdwfrost / Gillespie.jl

Gillespie.jl is a Julia package for performing Gillespie-type stochastic simulations.

EducationalTestingService / rsmtool

RSMTool is a python package for facilitating research on building and evaluating scoring models for automated scoring engines. It allows the integration of educational measurement practices with...

michaellevy / gwdegree

This is a Shiny application intended to provide better understanding of how geometrically-weighted degree terms function in exponential random graph models of networks.

juliasilge / tidytext

The tidytext package is an R package for text mining using tidy data principles. This package provides functions and supporting data sets to allow conversion of text to and from tidy formats, and...

cMadan / prism

Prism uses a combination of statistical methods to conduct spline-based multiple regression. Prism conducts this regression using regularization, dimensionality reduction, and feature selection,...

SimonGreenhill / phylogemetric

Phylogemetric is a Python library for calculating the ẟ-score [@Holland2002] and Q-Residual [@Gray2010] for phylogenetic data. These
methods are used in studies of linguistic and cultural...

ctjacobs / git-rdm

Git-RDM is a Research Data Management (RDM) plugin for the Git version control system. It interfaces Git with data hosting services to manage the curation of version controlled files using...

genenetwork / genenetwork2

GeneNetwork (GN) is a free and open source (FOSS) framework for web-based genetics that can be deployed anywhere. GN allows biologists
to upload experimental data and map phenotypes interactively...

conradsnicta / armadillo

Armadillo C++ Linear Algebra Library