JonathanAMichaels / hebbRNN

The current package is a Matlab implementation of a biologically-plausible training rule for recurrent neural networks using a delayed and sparse reward signal.

ropenscilabs / ezknitr

The 'ezknitr' package is an R package that enhances the functionality and flexibility of the 'knitr' package. It provides the user with complete control over where all the inputs and outputs are,...

dib-lab / sourmash

sourmash is a toolbox for creating, comparing, and manipulating MinHash
sketches of genomic data.

sbogutzky / PsychoPhysioPipeline

The PsychoPhysioPipeline is a pipeline of several small R programs for segmenting the collected data of the PsychoPhysioCollector, for identifying potential implicit flow characteristics and for...

msmbuilder / osprey

Osprey is a tool for practical hyperparameter optimization of machine learning algorithms. It’s designed to provide a practical, easy to use way for application scientists to find parameters that...

Groupe-ElementR / cartography

cartography is an R package for thematic mapping. It allows various cartographic representations such as proportional symbols, chroropleth, typology, flows or discontinuities. It also proposes some...

samreay / ChainConsumer

A software package to consume chains produced by MCMC and similar algorithms, to provide likelihood surfaces, chain visualisations and parameter summaries in the form of LaTeX tables.

kehraProject / r_rdefra

The rdefra R package allows to retrieve air pollution data and metadata from DEFRA's UK-AIR website (

barbagroup / pygbe

PyGBe solves the Poisson-Boltzmann equation for protein electrostatics using a boundary element method, accelerated algorithmically via a Barnes-Hut treecode. It is written in Python with CUDA...

zoran-cuckovic / QGIS-visibility-analysis

This plugin is native to QGIS and intended for more complex modelling of visual landscapes, such as the depth below the visible horizon or generation of intervisibilty networks between groups of...