ropensci / tidyhydat

Provides functions to extract historical and real-time national hydrometric data from Water Survey of Canada data sources and...

zedtaha / ivprobit-1.0

ivprobit fit an Instrumental variables probit model using the generalized least squares estimator

openclimatedata / pymagicc

Pymagicc is a thin Python wrapper around the reduced complexity climate model MAGICC6, wrapping the CC-BY-NC-SA licensed MAGICC6 binary.
It makes the MAGICC model, widely used in climate change...

warrenlr / xmatchview

Here we present xmatchview and xmatchview-conifer, tools for visualizing DNA sequence synteny.

scikit-learn-contrib / categorical-encoding

Category encoders is a scikit-learn-contrib package containing different transformers for encoding categorical data as numeric. This includes support for commonly used encoders such as one-hot or...

bjodah / pyodesys

pyodesys provides a straightforward way of numerically integrating systems of ordinary differential equations (initial value problems).
It unifies the interface of several libraries for performing...

sjspielman / phyphy

phyphy is a Python package aimed to facilitate and simplify usage of the popular bioinformatics software platform, HyPhy, in two primary ways: i) execute standard HyPhy analyses directly within the...

BIOS-IMASL / chesweet

CheSweet: a Python module for accurate and fast computation of chemical shifts and torsional angles in glycans.

gibbonCode / GIBBON

GIBBON is an open-source MATLABĀ® toolbox providing a single open-source framework for many aspects of computational (bio)mechanics such as: image segmentation, meshing, boundary conditions...

Bayesian Analysis Tool for Modelling and uncertAinty quaNtification (batman) is an open source Python package dedicated to statistical analysis based on non-intrusive ensemble experiment.