dartsim / dart

DART provides data structures and algorithms for kinematic and dynamic applications in robotics and computer animation. DART is distinguished by its accuracy and stability due to its use of...

Molmed / checkQC

CheckQC checks that an Illumina sequencing run confirm to a specified set of quality criteria.

neuropsychology / psycho.R

This package provides tools to transform the statistical outputs of functions used in psychological science into something that the user can (almost) directly paste into a report or a manuscript,...

danilofreire / prisonbrief

An R package that returns tidy data from the World Prison Brief website.

expfactory / expfactory

A set of Open Source and freely available tools and containers to generate reproducible experiment containers for behavioral research.

openclimatedata / pymagicc

Pymagicc is a thin Python wrapper around the reduced complexity climate model MAGICC6, wrapping the CC-BY-NC-SA licensed MAGICC6 binary.
It makes the MAGICC model, widely used in climate change...

onecodex / finch-rs

Finch is an implementation of k-mer MinHashing for next-generation sequencing data. Finch builds upon prior MinHash implementations such as Mash by tracking k-mer abundances and adaptively...


Bayesian Analysis Tool for Modelling and uncertAinty quaNtification (batman) is an open source Python package dedicated to statistical analysis based on non-intrusive ensemble experiment.

boisgera / bitstream

Bitstream is a Python library to manage binary data as bitstreams.

csu-hmc / opty

opty utilizes symbolic descriptions of ordinary differential equations expressed with SymPy to form the constraints needed to solve trajectory optimization and parameter identification problems...