ContextLab / quail

Quail is a Python package for analyzing and plotting behavioral data from memory experiments.

timfolsom / hei

The goal of hei is to calculate Healthy Eating Index (HEI) scores from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) data for use in dietary analyses. The HEI is a dietary metric...

ropensci / bomrang

Provides functions to interface with Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) data, fetching data and returning a tidy data frame of précis forecasts, current weather data from stations,...

TJKessler / ECNet

ECNet is an open source Python package for creating large scale machine learning projects with a focus on fuel property prediction. ECNet aims to provide scientists with an open-source tool for...

sepandhaghighi / pyrgg

pyrgg is a synthetic random graph generator written in python based on DIMACS formats.

this application get :

  • vertices number
  • max weight
  • min weight
  • max edge number(for each...

simupy / simupy

SimuPy is a framework for simulating inter-connected dynamical system models. SimuPy is an open source, python-based alternative to Simulink.

jakobbossek / mcMST

The R package mcMST provides algorithms to approximate the Pareto-front of multi-criteria minimum spanning tree problems.

array-split / array_split

Python package for calculating dense array partitionings (e.g. for data parallelism) according to a variety of criteria.

ropensci / bittrex

Package bittrex is an R implementation of the REST interface used by the Bittrex crypto-currency exchange. It provides functions for endpoints supported by the exchange. This includes the ability...

raamana / pyradigm

A common problem for a machine learners is to keep track of source of the features extracted, and ensure integrity of the dataset. This is incredibly hard as the number of projects grow, or...