wright-group / WrightTools

Tools for loading, processing, and plotting multidimensional spectroscopy data. WrightTools aims to be a core toolkit that is general enough to handle all MDS datasets and processing workloads....

ropensci / stats19

This R package provides tools to download, clean and analyse the UK road collision data collected using the 'STATS19' form. The data are provided as 'CSV' files with detailed road safety data about...

zfrenchee / NN-SVG

A site for creating parametric diagrams of neural network architectures in three styles, to save researchers the hassle of drawing these diagrams by hand.

arviz-devs / arviz

ArviZ is a library that allows for exploratory analysis and model criticism of Bayesian models. ArviZ is intended to be a common library across inference libraries such as PyMC3, Stan, emcee, pyro,...

psychrometrics / psychrolib

PsychroLib is a software library for estimating dry, moist, saturated properties of air, and standard atmosphere written in Python, C, Fortran, JavaScript, and Microsoft Excel Visual Basic for...

plooney / kretz

ITK based software to enable research on 3D ultrasound.

IAMconsortium / pyam

At its core, pyam is a tool that enables researchers to easily explore, categorize, and visualize scenario data such as the scenario ensembles assessed by the IPCC. By providing a common mechanism...

AnyBody-Research-Group / AnyPyTools

The AnyPyTools package provides a Python interface to automate multibody musculoskeletal model simulations in the AnyBody Modeling System. AnyPyTools enables reproducible research for the AnyBody...

xiangfstats / GenieR

genieR is an R package (R Core Team (2016)) for the inference of demographic history from reconstructed molecular phylogenies,modeled after the C++ package GENIE (Pybus and Rambaut 2002).

PingjunChen / tissueloc

tissueloc is a python package for tissue localization in whole slide pathology image.