Geodels / eSCAPE

eSCAPE is a parallel landscape evolution model, built to simulate Earth surface dynamics at global scale and over geological times. The model is primarily designed to address problems related to...

arives / rr2

The rr2 package provides methods to calculate three different R2s -- R2.lik, R2.resid and R2.pred -- for models with correlated errors, including Phylogenetic GLS, Phylogenetic Logistic Regression,...

cmendl / pytenet

Python implementation of quantum tensor network operations and simulations, in particular the matrix product state framework

fatiando / verde

Verde is a Python library for processing spatial data (bathymetry, geophysics surveys, etc) and interpolating it on regular grids (i.e., gridding). The methods in Verde are similar to supervised...

daijiang / hillR

An R package to calculate taxonomic, functional, and phylogenetic diversity of ecological communities through Hill numbers.

mpascariu / ungroup

ungroup is an R package that introduces a versatile method for ungrouping binned count data assuming that counts are Poisson distributed and that the underlying sequence over a fine grid to be...

fellstat / ipc

This package provides tools for passing messages between R processes. This package can be applied to high performance computing environments, easily allowing parallel worker processes to...

arvestad / alv

alv is a simple console-based multi-sequence alignment viewer that enables easy browsing of alignments without starting a GUI. The paper files are found in the subdirectory doc/joss.

MI2DataLab / survxai

An R package survxai is a tool for creating explanations of survival models. For both, complex and simple survival models. It also enables to compare them. Currently, four explanation methods are...

pachamaltese / gravity

A wrapper of different standard estimation methods for gravity models.
This package provides estimation methods for log-log models and multiplicative models.