hawk31 / pyGPGO

pyGPGO is an open-source Python package for Bayesian Optimization. It features extensive coverage over the algorithm's many design choices: surrogate modelling, covariance and acquisition functions...

BenLauwens / ResumableFunctions.jl.git

C# has a convenient way to create iterators using the yield return statement. The package ResumableFunctions provides the same functionality for the Julia language by introducing the @resumable and...


Grafoscopio is a moldable tool to make reproducible research and literate computing developed on Pharo live coding and computing integrated environment, which allow authors to intertwine prose,...

cokelaer / spectrum

Spectrum is a Python library. It contains tools to estimate Power Spectral Densities based on Fourier transform, Parametric methods or eigenvalues analysis.

bebatut / enasearch

ENASearch is a Python library to search and retrieve data from European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) database. It also allows for rich querying support by accessing different fields, filters or...

biogo / ncbi

Packages within bĂ­ogo/ncbi provide Go application programmer interfaces to the NCBI BLAST and EUtilities services.

genexplain / geneXplainR

The R package geneXplainR provides functions to browse and manage user data and to submit analysis tasks to a geneXplain platform server.

singularityhub / sregistry

Singularity Registry is a management and storage of Singularity images for an institution or user to deploy locally. It allows for reproducible science of Singularity containers by empowering...

conradsnicta / armadillo-gmm

Armadillo C++ library v7.960 containing gmm_diag and gmm_full classes. The gmm_diag and gmm_full classes provide multi-threaded (parallelised) implementations of Gaussian mixture models and the...

uglymol / uglymol

WebGL-based macromolecular viewer for primarily for crystallographers.