FullSWOF: Full Shallow-Water equations for Overland Flow, a C++ code for simulation in surface hydrology using a well-balanced finite volume scheme.

kc-lab / dms2dfe

dms2dfe is a python package for analysis of Deep Mutational Scanning i.e. deep sequencing based bulk mutational scanning experiments.

xBimTeam / XbimEssentials

The Xbim.Essentials library offers the open-source infrastructure to develop Building Information Modelling (BIM) solutions for commercial, research and open-source environments under the terms of...

Genomon-Project / paplot

We introduce paplot, the software for generating dynamic reports that are frequently necessary in the post analyticalphases of cancer genome studies.
The "interactive" nature of the...

ropensci / bikedata

The R package bikedata aims to download and aggregate data from all public hire bicycle systems which provide open data. These currently including Santander Cycles in London, U.K., and from the...

physicsdavid / mPicker

A set of functions to allow visual artists to develop interactive 3D artistic concepts in p5.js without requiring significant programming expertise, in the spirit of the Processing and p5.js...

ros-controls / joss_paper

In recent years the Robot Operating System (ROS) has become the 'de facto' standard framework for robotics software development. The ros_control framework provides the capability to implement and...

barbagroup / pygbe

PyGBe-LSPR uses electrostatics to compute the extinction cross section of scatterers that are much smaller than the incident wavelength.

neuropsychology /

Neuropsydia for Python is a module for psychologists and neuroscientists, designed for creating experiments, tasks and computerized questionnaires.

raamana / hiwenet

Network-level analysis of various features, esp. if it can be individualized for a single-subject, is proving to be quite a valuable tool in many applications. This package extracts single-subject...