simonvh / genomepy

Genomepy is a command-line script and Python module to download genomes from UCSC, NCBI or Ensembl. This enables simple, straightforward and automatic downloads of genomic sequences.

kortschak / arrgh

The arrgh package provides a Go client for the OpenCPU system R server system, including management of a local server when needed. Data exchange between Go and OpenCPU is via standard HTTP content...

UniNE-CHYN / hytool

Hytool is a matlab toolbox for the interpretation of hydraulic tests in wells. The toolbox contains analytical solutions used to describe groundwater flow around wells, and functions for...

kc-lab / dms2dfe

dms2dfe is a python package for analysis of Deep Mutational Scanning i.e. deep sequencing based bulk mutational scanning experiments.

ropensci / USAboundaries

USAboundaries is an R package that is part of rOpenSci. It provides consistent versions of historical and contemporary boundaries of the United States that work well together.

ropensci / osmdata

osmdata imports OpenStreetMap (OSM) data into R as either Simple Features or R Spatial objects, respectively able to be processed with the R packages sf and sp. OSM data are extracted from the...

barbagroup / pygbe

PyGBe-LSPR uses electrostatics to compute the extinction cross section of scatterers that are much smaller than the incident wavelength.

jeremyrcoyle / origami

A general framework to handle cross-validation in R.

ashleefv / ACEInhibPKPD

This software features an MATLAB app install file and the source code for an interactive computer simulation packaged as a MATLAB app that can be used to design the best dosage of pharmaceuticals...

barbagroup / cuIBM

cuIBM solves the 2D incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with an immersed-boundary method on a single CUDA-capable GPU device with the CUSP library.