SCIInstitute / PFEIFER

Preprocessing Framework for Electrograms Intermittently Fiducialized from Experimental Recordings (PFEIFER) is a MATLAB Graphical User Interface designed to process bioelectric signals acquired...

BIOS-IMASL / chesweet

CheSweet: a Python module for accurate and fast computation of chemical shifts and torsional angles in glycans.

scikit-learn-contrib / categorical-encoding

Category encoders is a scikit-learn-contrib package containing different transformers for encoding categorical data as numeric. This includes support for commonly used encoders such as one-hot or...

bjodah / pyneqsys

Package for numerically solving symbolically defined systems of non-linear equations. Ties computer algebra systems (sympy foremost) and numerical solvers (MINPACK from SciPy, KINSOL from Sundials,...

warrenlr / xmatchview

Here we present xmatchview and xmatchview-conifer, tools for visualizing DNA sequence synteny.

oliviergimenez / GammaGompertzCR

GammaGompertzCR is an R package that allows estimating survival in free-ranging animal populations using a Gompertz capture-recapture model with a Gamma frailty to deal with individual heterogeneity.

sjspielman / phyphy

phyphy is a Python package aimed to facilitate and simplify usage of the popular bioinformatics software platform, HyPhy, in two primary ways: i) execute standard HyPhy analyses directly within the...

chloroExtractorTeam / chloroExtractor

The chloroExtractor is a perl based program which provides a pipeline for DNA extraction of chloroplast DNA from whole genome plant data.

kortschak / arrgh

The arrgh package provides a Go client for the OpenCPU system R server system, including management of a local server when needed. Data exchange between Go and OpenCPU is via standard HTTP content...

lebebr01 / highlightHTML

This software aims to facilitate and extend basic formatting of reproducible R markdown documents for text and tables compared to functionality supported by markdown. This package uses CSS and HTML...