biosustain / optlang

Optlang is a Python package for easily formulating and solving mathematical optimization problems using a suite of common solvers.

chappers / Ramble

A R parser based on combinatory parsers.

HERA-Team / pyuvdata

pyuvdata defines a pythonic interface to interferometric data sets. Currently pyuvdata supports reading and writing of miriad and uvfits files and reading of FHD (Fast Holographic Deconvolution)...

baccuslab / pyret

The pyret package contains tools for analyzing neural electrophysiology data. It focuses on applications in sensory neuroscience, broadly construed as any experiment in which one would like to...

Effective-Quadratures / Effective-Quadratures

Effective-Quadratures (EQ) is a suite of tools for generating polynomials for parametric computational studies. These polynomials may be used to compute approximations to scientific models;...

camillescott / shmlast

shmlast is a reimplementation of the Conditional Reciprocal Best Hits ( algorithm for finding potential orthologs between a transcriptome and a...

jeff-goldsmith / vbvs.concurrent

The software implements statistical methods for fitting the functional linear concurrent model in R. Supporting methods extract coefficients, compute predicted values for new datasets, and...

mllg / batchtools

Tools for R to work with batch systems managed by schedulers like Slurm, Torque or Docker Swarm. Also offers functionality to compute and manage large scale computer experiments.

kactus2 / kactus2dev

Kactus2 is a graphical EDA tool targeted for packing and assembling building blocks for ASICs and FPGAs, based on the IP-XACT standard. It supports Verilog, VHDL, and other formats.

warrenlr / RAILS

Here, I make available two bioinformatics software tools to exploit this information for automated finishing (software Cobbler) and scaffolding (software RAILS) with long DNA sequences. They can be...