zedtaha / ivprobit-1.0

ivprobit fit an Instrumental variables probit model using the generalized least squares estimator

bmcage / odes

ODES is a scikit offering extra ode/dae solvers, as an extension to what is available in scipy, with a high level interface.

rreinecke / global-gradient-based-groundwater-model

The global gradient-based groundwater model framework G³M-f is an extesible model framework.
Its main purpose is to be used as a main building block for the global groundwater mode G³M.
G³M is a...

h5preserve / h5preserve

h5preserve is a wrapper around h5py and hdf5, providing easier serialisation of native python types. Its design is inspired by Camel, and follows its philosophy.

gibbonCode / GIBBON

GIBBON is an open-source MATLAB® toolbox providing a single open-source framework for many aspects of computational (bio)mechanics such as: image segmentation, meshing, boundary conditions...

julia-wrobel / registr

This R package registers (aligns) misaligned curves that can be continuous or discrete; software has been optimized for computational efficiency and is compatible with interactive graphing software.

mattpitkin / psrqpy

A Python module for accessing data from the ATNF pulsar catalogue.

jakobbossek / grapherator

Set of functions for step-wise generation of (weighted) graphs. Aimed for research in the field of single- and multi-objective combinatorial optimization. Graphs are generated adding nodes, edges...

howardjp / phonics

Provides a collection of phonetic algorithms including Soundex, Metaphone, NYSIIS, Caverphone, and others in R

usnistgov / ChebTools

ChebTools implements Chebyshev expansions in C++11, with wrappers for Python via pybind11. Some examples are shown in a jupyter notebook that can be fired up in a binder environment.