ropensci / ijtiff

Correctly import TIFF files that were saved from 'ImageJ' and write TIFF files than can be correctly read by 'ImageJ' Full support for TIFF files with floating point...

ropensci / hydroscoper

hydroscoper is an R interface to the Greek National Data Bank for Hydrological and Meteorological Information, Hydroscope.

JuliaDynamics / DynamicalSystems.jl

DynamicalSystems.jl is a Julia library that offers functionality useful in the study of chaos, nonlinear dynamics
and time-series analysis.

WinVector / vtreat

vtreat is an R data.frame processor/conditioner that prepares messy real-world data for predictive modeling in a statistically sound manner. Common problems vtreat defends against: invalid values,...

scivision / pymap3d

PyMap3D is a Python toolbox for geodesic coordinate conversion for observation platforms undersea, on land, or in air/space. Matlab/Octave functions with the same syntax as Matlab Mapping Toolbox...

PetoLau / TSrepr

TSrepr is R package for time series representations computing to help more accurate and effective time series data mining.

adibender / coalitions

The package implements methods that help to download, aggregate, analyze and interpret election polls.
Specifically we implement methods that calculate coalition probabilities in multi-part y...

piermorel / gramm

Gramm is a complete data visualization toolbox for Matlab. It provides an easy to use and high-level interface to produce publication-quality plots of complex data with varied statistical...

pacificclimate / ClimDown

ClimDown is a climate downscaling package for the R statistical programming language. The package provides routines for downscaling coarse scale global climate model (GCM) output to a fine spatial...

ResidentMario / missingno

missingno is a Python package providing a suite of tools for visualizing and understanding missing data in a dataset.