statsmaths / kerasR

Provides a consistent interface to the Keras Deep Learning Library directly from within R. Keras is a library for describing neural networks (Dense, Convolutional, and Recurrent), training them on...

OpenSpace / OpenSpace

OpenSpace is an extensible interactive data visualization software framework designed to visualize the entire known universe and portray our ongoing efforts to investigate the cosmos. It is...

rasbt / biopandas

BioPandas is a tool for parsing molecular structures from coordinate filed into pandas DataFrames for easy analysis and processing. In addition, BioPandas contains functionality for basic structure...

bede / kindel

This software generates a consensus sequence from a nucleotide sequence alignment in SAM/BAM format, and facilitates analyses of low frequency variation with a diverse viral population.

dib-lab / khmer

The khmer software is a set of command-line tools built around a Python library designed for k-mer abundance analysis, sequence quality control, assembly graph traversal, and more.

mwmclean / RefManageR

RefManageR provides tools for importing and working with bibliographic references. It greatly enhances the bibentry class in R by providing a class BibEntry which stores BibTeX and BibLaTeX...

dhermes / bezier

This is a Python library (with Fortran speedups) for performing operations on Bézier curves and surfaces of arbitrary degree.

eclipse / mosquitto

Standards compliant server and client implementations of the MQTT messaging protocol, which is widely used in Internet of Things applications.

scikit-hep / root_numpy

root_numpy is a Python extension module interfacing NumPy with CERN’s ROOT software framework, providing the ability to analyse ROOT data within the broad ecosystem of scientific Python packages.

CLOOPSy is a mobile application designed with the aim to collect data from a crowd of volunteers. In particular, the idea is to ask them to contribute with a picture and to select a land cover...