JuliaDiff / TaylorSeries.jl

TaylorSeries.jl implements a framework to use and manipulate Taylor series polynomials in one and more independent variables in Julia. It is a basic component for other software project currently...

rrwick / Badread

Badread is a tool for the simulation of long sequencing reads, such as those made by Oxford Nanopore and PacBio platforms. It is able to simulate many types of read errors and gives users a great...

hiclib / iced

iced implements fast and memory efficient normalization methods for 3C-like contact counts maps.

laempy / pyoints

Points is a python package to analyse and process point cloud data and images in the field of geoinformatics. It provides data structures and functions to develop, implement and test algorithms...


mpi4py-fft uses MPI for Python (mpi4py) to compute the Fast Fourier Transforms in parallel on distributed architectures.

NESCent / TraitDB

TraitDB is a rails-based web application built to facilitate storage, searching, subsetting, and sharing trait data. In addition to a query and download interface, TraitDB focuses on cleaning and...

mir-am / LightTwinSVM

LightTwinSVM is a simple and fast implementation of standard Twin Support Vector Machine. It is licensed under the terms of GNU GPL v3. Anyone who is interested in machine learning and...

vallenderlab / MicrobiomeR

MicrobiomeR is an R package for analyzing microbiome data using a robust data structure (Taxmap object). It provides various preprocessing and plotting functions that help the user quickly analyze...

ailiop / idvf

Iterative inversion of 2D/3D deformation vector field with adaptive bi-residual feedback control

kLabUM / rrcf

Python implementation of the Robust Random Cut Forest algorithm: an unsupervised ensemble method for anomaly detection on streaming data