ropensci / osmdata

osmdata imports OpenStreetMap (OSM) data into R as either Simple Features or R Spatial objects, respectively able to be processed with the R packages sf and sp. OSM data are extracted from the...

barbagroup / pygbe

PyGBe-LSPR uses electrostatics to compute the extinction cross section of scatterers that are much smaller than the incident wavelength.

jeremyrcoyle / origami

A general framework to handle cross-validation in R.

ashleefv / ACEInhibPKPD

This software features an MATLAB app install file and the source code for an interactive computer simulation packaged as a MATLAB app that can be used to design the best dosage of pharmaceuticals...

barbagroup / cuIBM

cuIBM solves the 2D incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with an immersed-boundary method on a single CUDA-capable GPU device with the CUSP library.

pacificclimate / ClimDown

ClimDown is a climate downscaling package for the R statistical programming language. The package provides routines for downscaling coarse scale global climate model (GCM) output to a fine spatial...

TACC / launcher

Launcher is a utility for performing simple, data parallel, high throughput computing (HTC) workflows on clusters, massively parallel processor (MPP) systems, workgroups of computers, and personal...

ben-aaron188 / netanos

NETANOS is a natural language processing software that facilitates the sharing of unstructured text data in the spirit of open science. By identifying and replacing named entities, it allows...

csu-hmc / opty

opty utilizes symbolic descriptions of ordinary differential equations expressed with SymPy to form the constraints needed to solve trajectory optimization and parameter identification problems...

barbagroup / AmgXWrapper

This code provides access to multi-GPU computing from PETSc-based applications, using NVIDIA's AmgX library.