chtheodoro / Habfuzz

Habfuzz is a fortran tool, which implements the fuzzy inference process to calculate the instream habitat suitability, given the flow velocity, the water depth and the substrate type of a...

paulcon / active_subspaces

The Python Active-subspaces Utility Library provides tools for discovering and exploiting an active subspace in a complex science or engineering simulation model with several input parameters.

ropenscilabs / ezknitr

The 'ezknitr' package is an R package that enhances the functionality and flexibility of the 'knitr' package. It provides the user with complete control over where all the inputs and outputs are,...

kakearney / ecopath_matlab-pkg

This package provides a Matlab-based implementation of the Ecopath algorithm (part of the popular fisheries ecosystem modeling tool Ecopath with Ecosim, as well as a few functions for further...

carlganz / rintrojs

A wrapper for the 'intro.js' library. This package makes it easy to include step-by-step introductions, and clickable hints in a 'Shiny' application.

Dih5 / xpecgen

xpecgen is a python package to calculate x-ray spectra generated in tungsten anodes. It includes a Graphical User Interface and allows calculation of half-value-layers, norms, and attenuation. It...

andyyao95 / walkr

The R package walkr implements various MCMC sampling algorithms to sample from convex polytope and provides tools to examine sample quality. Our package has potential applications to users in...

JonathanAMichaels / hebbRNN

The current package is a Matlab implementation of a biologically-plausible training rule for recurrent neural networks using a delayed and sparse reward signal.

kbarbary / sep

Python and C library for source extraction and photometry on astronomical images.

cvitolo / hddtools

The hddtools package is designed to facilitate non-programmatic access to a variety of online open data sources relevant for hydrologists and, more in general, environmental scientists and...