prestsoftware / prest

Prest is a free and user-friendly desktop application for computational revealed preference analysis. It allows for processing choice datasets that economists, psychologists and consumer/marketing...

ropensci / nasapower

nasapower aims to make it quick and easy to automate downloading NASA-POWER global meteorology, surface solar energy and climatology data in your R session as a tidy data frame tibble object for...

wilsoncai1992 / data.adapt.multi.test

The data.adapt.multi.test R package is a tool for performing multiple testing on effects sizes under high-dimensional settings, using the approach of data-adaptive statistical target parameters...

hamedmx / YAD-ILP-Tool

This is a learning-based tool using inductive logic programming (ILP) in order to produce valid and appropriate general logical rules with respect to the background knowledge of a data-set.

hooman650 / BioSigKit

BioSigKit is a set of Matlab (The MathWorks Inc., Natick, USA) tools for analysis and visualization of bio-signals, specifically Electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings.

landlab / landlab

The surface of the Earth reflects the competing advection of rock by tectonic processes and the erosion of rock by wind, water, and ice. Rock properties influence erosion rates by changing the...

cmendl / pytenet

Python implementation of quantum tensor network operations and simulations, in particular the matrix product state framework

schalkdaniel / compboost

The R package compboost implements component-wise boosting in C++ using Rcpp and Armadillo to achieve efficient runtime behaviour and full memory control. It provides a modular object-oriented...

whimian / pyGeoPressure

pyGeoPressure is a python package for geopressure (pore pressure) prediction with well log data and seismic velocity data in the field of hydrocarbon exploration.

fatiando / verde

Verde is a Python library for processing spatial data (bathymetry, geophysics surveys, etc) and interpolating it on regular grids (i.e., gridding). The methods in Verde are similar to supervised...