statsmaths / kerasR

Provides a consistent interface to the Keras Deep Learning Library directly from within R. Keras is a library for describing neural networks (Dense, Convolutional, and Recurrent), training them on...

rasbt / biopandas

BioPandas is a tool for parsing molecular structures from coordinate filed into pandas DataFrames for easy analysis and processing. In addition, BioPandas contains functionality for basic structure...

eclipse / mosquitto

Standards compliant server and client implementations of the MQTT messaging protocol, which is widely used in Internet of Things applications.

jdidion / xphyle

Data compression is commonly used to reduce the storage requirements for large datasets. It is often necessary for software that operates on big data to support several commonly used compression...

rorynolan / filesstrings

Handy string and file processing and manipulation tools. Built on top of the functionality of 'stringr'. Good for those who like to do all of their file and string manipulation from within R.

openclimatedata / pyhector

Pyhector is a Python interface for the simple global climate carbon-cycle model Hector ( It makes the simple climate model Hector easily installable and usable from...

bjmorgan / lattice_mc

lattice_mc is a lattice-gas kinetic Monte Carlo simulation tool, written in Python. The code allows the simulation of particle transport on periodic lattices for non-interacting particles (volume...

cmutel / pandarus

Pandarus is a GIS toolkit for regionalized life cycle assessment (LCA)

gauteh / ibcao_py

A python toolbox for using the International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean with cartopy and matplotlib, setting up the correct projections and loading the map so that it is ready for plotting.

Framework for life cycle assessment (LCA) in Python. Consists of several packages; used primarily in research to expand the methodology and applications of LCA.