jarvist / PolaronMobility.jl

This Julia package implements a finite-temperature Feynman variational model of a polaron. With some simple parameters specified from an electronic structure calculation (effective masses,...

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athrom / CytobankAPIstats

This software allows for the processing of cytometry data from Cytobank in conjunction with the CRAN package 'CytobankAPI', reducing the amount of time required for cytometry data analysis.

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MIT-LCP / false-alarm-reduction

This code provides tools to decrease the false alarm rate for cardiac arrhythmias in the intensive care unit. It explores a baseline algorithm based on an algorithm published by Plesinger, et al....

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weymouth / lily-pad

Lily Pad is a computational fluid dynamics solver using the Boundary Data Immersion Method and written in the Processing Language.

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uriba / PlateReaderDataAnalyzer

A web-based service to display growth curves from plate-reader data and compute growth rates.
It's main advantages over existing software are:

  1. No need to install software
  2. Easy manipulation...
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python-windrose / windrose

A Python Matplotlib, Numpy library to manage wind data, draw windrose (also known as a polar rose plot), draw probability density function and fit Weibull distribution

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Dataviz is a companion package for Grafoscopio that puts together several examples of Domain Specific Visualizations and Domain Specific Languages (DSV, DSL, respectively) developed with the...

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bunhoel / anvil

The qGaussian is an R package that contain probability distributions functions and others mathematical functions related to the Tsallis Statistics.

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aknutas / nails

NAILS performs statistical and Social Network Analysis (SNA) on citation data.

Note to the editor: Access to the Web of Science is not available for everyone, so we prepared a test data package...

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kaneplusplus / ccex

Package ccex is an R client for the REST server used by the C-Cex crypto-currency exchange. The package provides functions for all endpoints supported by the exchange and includes the ability to...

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