wilsoncai1992 / data.adapt.multi.test

The data.adapt.multi.test R package is a tool for performing multiple testing on effects sizes under high-dimensional settings, using the approach of data-adaptive statistical target parameters...

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This is a proof of concept integration between a database of infected patient information and a phylogenetic tree for discovery of relationships between infections and potential breakout detection.

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scikit-learn-contrib / forest-confidence-interval

Forest-Confidence-Interval is a Python module for calculating variance and adding confidence intervals to scikit-learn random forest regression or classification objects.

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alk224 / akutils-v1.2

A command line front-end for processing community amplicon DNA sequencing data through QIIME for microbial community analysis. akutils provides streamlined workflows and novel functionality which...

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drcassar / TPIB

This is an algorithm that takes transformation peak data as input, computes a transformation-aware iterative baseline, and returns the peak data with subtracted baseline.

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[3DUNDERWORLD-SLS] High-accuracy Structured-Light Scanner
Recently, there has been an increase in the demand of virtual 3D objects representing real-life objects. A plethora of methods and systems...

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knightsay / backtestGraphics

The backtestGraphics package provides an interactive Shiny interface to visualize backtest results for a variety of financial instruments (equities, futures , and credit defualt swaps, among...

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vpnagraj / grupo

GRUPO (Gauging Research University Publication Output) is a web application built with the R programming language and Shiny framework. The purpose of this tool is to compare the total number of...

meyera / riskscorer

riskscorer is a set of functions to provide an easy programmatical interface to clinical risk models. It provides fuzzy argument matching and is webservice ready via plumber decoration. Aim is to...