jronayne / PyTransport

PyTransport constitutes a straightforward code written in C++ together with Python scripts which automatically edit, compile and run the C++ code as a Python module.
Primarily the module employs...

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jarvist / PolaronMobility.jl

This Julia package implements a finite-temperature Feynman variational model of a polaron. With some simple parameters specified from an electronic structure calculation (effective masses,...

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ResidentMario / missingno

missingno is a Python package providing a suite of tools for visualizing and understanding missing data in a dataset.

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BenjaK / scanstatistics

The R package scanstatistics enables the detection of anomalous space-time clusters using the scan statistics methodology.

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fakenmc / micompm

micompm is a MATLAB/Octave toolbox for comparing multivariate samples associated with different groups. This technique is independent of the distributional properties of samples and automatically...

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athrom / CytobankAPIstats

This software allows for the processing of cytometry data from Cytobank in conjunction with the CRAN package 'CytobankAPI', reducing the amount of time required for cytometry data analysis.

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MIT-LCP / false-alarm-reduction

This code provides tools to decrease the false alarm rate for cardiac arrhythmias in the intensive care unit. It explores a baseline algorithm based on an algorithm published by Plesinger, et al....

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weymouth / lily-pad

Lily Pad is a computational fluid dynamics solver using the Boundary Data Immersion Method and written in the Processing Language.

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uriba / PlateReaderDataAnalyzer

A web-based service to display growth curves from plate-reader data and compute growth rates.
It's main advantages over existing software are:

  1. No need to install software
  2. Easy manipulation...
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ropensci / USAboundaries

USAboundaries is an R package that is part of rOpenSci. It provides consistent versions of historical and contemporary boundaries of the United States that work well together.

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