pwollstadt / IDTxl

IDTxl is a comprehensive software package for efficient inference of networks and their node dynamics from multivariate time series data using information theory. IDTxl is written in Python and...

jschnab / pyms-plot

Python for Mycorrhizal Symbiosis data analysis is a graphical user interface-based software which helps perform data visualization and statistical analysis of mycorrhizal fungi colonization of...

Chilipp / straditize

A software for a semi-automatic digitization of pollen diagrams or other types of stratigraphic diagrams using the command line or a graphical user interface.

UofABioinformaticsHub / strandCheckR

This R package aims to quantify and remove putative double strand DNA from a strand-specific RNA sample. It has recently been accepted to Bioconductor Release 3.8.

axopy / axopy

AxoPy is a system for creating human-computer interface experiments involving the use of electrophysiological signals, such as electromyography (EMG) or electroencephalography (EEG). It is intended...

andrewthomasjones / BoltzMM

BoltzMM is an R package which provides probability computation, data generation, and model estimation for fully-visible Boltzmann machines.

bmorris3 / arcesetc

arcesetc is an exposure time calculator for the Astrophysical Research Consortium (ARC) Echelle Spectrograph (ARCES) on the ARC 3.5 m Telescope at Apache Point Observatory. It constructs S/N curves...

sivaramambikasaran / HODLR

HODLRlib is a flexible library for working with matrices that have a Hierarchical Off-Diagonal Low-Rank (HODLR) structure. The current version performs matrix operations like matrix-vector...

jerryd / gtk-fortran

Gtk-fortran [@gtk_fortran] is a GTK+ / Fortran binding using the ISO_C_BINDING intrinsic module for interoperability between C and Fortran defined since the Fortran 2003 standard.

gasparl / citapp_pc

This JavaScript-based application implements a standard version and a more recent enhanced version of the response time-based Concealed Information Test deception detection method. This method aims...