Scatterplot matrices in Python


This Python module uses matplotlib (Hunter 2007) to visualize multidimensional samples using a scatterplot matrix. In these visualizations, each one- and two-dimensional projection of the sample is plotted to reveal covariances. corner was originally conceived to display the results of Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations and the defaults are chosen with this application in mind but it can be used for displaying many qualitatively different samples.

Development of corner happens on GitHub and any issues can be raised there (Foreman-Mackey 2016). corner has been used extensively in the astronomical literature and it has occasionally been cited as or using its previous name The source code for corner has been archived to Zenodo and it has the DOI (Zenodo Archive 2016)

The following is a simple demonstration of a visualization made with corner:

A scatterplot matrix generated by corner.

A scatterplot matrix generated by corner.


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